Forgotten Passwords / Forgotten User Names

About your user name and password Please note that user names and passwords are case sensitive. We recommend that once you have keyed in your account details, you make note of your user name and password and store these in a safe place so that you can remember them next time you want to visit the site. Forgotten user names If you have forgotten your user name, you should still be able to login using your email address as long as you can remember your password. Once you are logged in, your user name will appear on the left hand side. Forgotten passwords If you have forgotten your password, please click onto the request new password link (to be found on the home page underneath the log in details box). You will then be able to enter your e-mail address and have your new password e-mailed to you instantly. Should your password fail to appear after one hour, then please check the junk mail box in your email account, as it is possible that the email was sent but has been filtered out by your spam filter.

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